De nouveau en 2014 : 10 entreprises israéliennes

Israël est l'un des pays à la pointe de l'innovation technologique "Clean & Green".

>> 10 entreprises se présenteront, opérant dans des secteurs comme : Génération d’énergies propres, Stockage, Infrastructures, Traitement de l’eau et des déchets, Recyclage, …

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Again in 2014 : 10 Israeli companies

Israel is known as one of the leading countries in Clean Technology innovations.

>> 10 Israeli companies presenting themselves from sectors like:Clean Energy Generation, Storage, Infrastructure, Efficiency Water & Waste water, Recycling & waste, ...

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Exclusive Agent for Israel : Yoel Guilatt

Phone : +972 50 722 02 80

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Robotics, air purification FRANCE



Green energy (electricity & heat) production facility development, using essentially biomass FRANCE


Traffic signal control, traffic conditions and parking occupancy information real-time solutions ISRAEL
Dirigibles for freight transportation. FRANCE
Postal delivery company committed to sustainable growth. Deliveries are CO2 Neutral AUSTRIA
Independent energy providers in Germany who delivers renewable electricity to households GERMANY
Automotive project managing company developping electric urban vehicules FRANCE
Ergonomic urban furniture and communication solutions FRANCE
Consulting and project management, transportation service operations and applications of advanced technologies. ISRAEL



Researches and develops microbiological technologies for the production of organic acids, antibiotics, ethanol, and biofuels
Develops a technology which is used to produce molecules of interest and bypasses conventional methods using petrochemicals or  industrial fish farming. FRANCE
Develops a process to produce isobutene biologically from renewable resources. Isobutene can be converted into fuels such as isooctane, a fuel for gasoline engines FRANCE
Produces Syngas from CO2 and H2o using high temperature heat from renewable and waste heat sources. ISRAEL


Supplier of equipment and know how to process large quantities of biomass such as wood, agro waste, and herbaceous biofuels.



On-shore submarine turbines



Advanced multi-junction solar cell based on the element carbon and principles of nanotechnology ISRAEL
Cylindar-shaped PV modules avoiding yield loss due to sand and dust FRANCE
2 in 1 solar panels for renewable electricity production, as well as water heating



Home and business smart metering solutions for energy efficiency purposes
Energy management solution providers for decentralized energy resources in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors GERMANY
Remote control of home heating systems via smartphone application GERMANY
Innovative sensor based solutions in order to improve efficiency and processes in the areas of energy, environment, gas and other fuels PORTUGAL
Provider of next-generation predictive offerings for industrial equipment condition monitoring, malfunction risk analysis, remaining lifetime estimation and optimal outage scheduling SWITZERLAND
Editor and integrator specializing in the development of vertical M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and communicating objects. FRANCE
Non-destructive inspection method for the structural safety and residual lifetime assessment of masts and other column-like structures GERMANY
Audit and monitoring software for energy management. GERMANY
Advanced battery systems and complete energy storage solutions FRANCE
Tystem helps utilities and aggregators to control power consumption during peak days and it allows consumers to receive a monetary refund for reducing power consumption. ISRAEL
Innovative LED Light FRANCE
Software Packages that enables the fast,accurate,responsive and reliable production of quotations and engineering work. ISRAEL
Energy savings through a significantly more efficient thermal insolation products ISRAEL
Delivers an overall Smart Grid solution that integrates all approaches and is already perfectly suited for tomorrow’s energy mix. ISRAEL



Co-development and financing of thermal energy production plants using biomass and geothermal energy



French wind turbine manufacturer with over 700 wind turbines operating around the world



Leading Italian and second-ranked European producer of cartonboard based on recycled material ITALY
One of the most advanced website plateform dedicated to goods recycling for the public and corporate/insitutional entities. FRANCE
Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. Technology has many applications, for example, for the recycling of plastics, or contaminated soil or air analysis. FRANCE



Pre-built innovative walls
Leading company in the field of advanced construction in Israel for over 30 years ISRAEL



Bamboo based innovative textile FRANCE



Chemical processes for the decontamination of water and soil over oil extraction sites FRANCE